Dancing in the rain!

Finally getting time to update you on our color of the month projects! First up is February with CeCe Caldwell’s Minnesota Pink Ladies Slipper … I will refer to it as “MPLS” for the rest of this post.
Last fall I picked up a little chest in Dover… I knew I wanted to paint it, but nothing was calling out to me, so like other projects, I put a price on it and took it to the store!

When CeCe announced the color for February I knew the box was perfect for Minnesota Pink!

I started with a coat of Virginia Chestnut, it is my favorite base for all our CeCe colors. Then I put a coat of MPLS on top! I used my distressing shammy to pull the MPLS back in areas, love wet distressing with a shammy!

After letting it set a couple hours… I came back and knew it needed more!
I was so inspired by this beauty painted by Thee Velvet Glove and knew I wanted my box to have the same sweet feminine feel!

So down to my dungeon I went… Into the drawer of archived ephemera… Looking for the perfect piece to compliment CeCe’s PINK!
I found several cool images, but these vintage cut-out roses were perfect!

I applied the roses with Mod-Podge in a matte finish!
I like it… But it needed something! So back to the basement I mean dungeon I go… This time for my stencil stash! I tried a couple different ones, but nothing worked, then I placed my “dancing in the rain” stencil on the box and knew it was perfect!




I am so pleased with this project…. CeCe’s Minnesota Pink is beautiful and the perfect color for a keepsake box! This one is for my granddaughter! She loves it!

If ya is wondering… No I did not win this months color contest…. The winner is this beautiful dresser painted by Ashley from ReLoveMarket.com!


A sneak peak at our next project….

Be sure to stop back soon to see what we do with this unique ship desk!

Until then,
Happy Painting!!


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January in Nantucket!

Hi there…. I know it is April… but I need to share with you a couple projects and the first one is our “January Color of of the Month ” entry for our CeCe Retailer projects!

January 2014, Nantucket Spray!

First off… I started this project July 2012 for the Nantucket Spray contest and did not finish till later that year…. the week I started painting it, was the week my brother, Kevin passed away… It was a couple months till I could finish it so I never did get it entered for 2012!  If you are a follower of our blog and have been around for 2 years, this might look familiar to you… I posted it in August 2012… so this is a re-post with a few new pictures!

Sad porch rocker

Sad porch rocker

My grand-daughter spent the day with me! We found an old T shirt for her and off to painting we did go!

Happy Painting!

Happy Painting!

One Coat of Pickerington Violet!

One Coat of Pickerington Violet!

One coat of Pickerington Violet and the whole chair is covered…..
We even had a little paint left over in the sample pot!

Still a little paint left in the pot!

Still a little paint left in the pot!

I applied wax in a few areas where I would distress it and did not want the Pickerington to pull off, a barrier coat…. however the chair sat for a few months before I finished it… so when it came time to paint the Nantucket and do my distressing… I forgot where I waxed… so I have some of the original oak showing through!

Inside lighting

Inside lighting

I love the way it turned out, the barrier coat of wax worked great at holding the Pickerington Violet when I rubbed back the Nantucket!

Love the way this paint layers!

Love the way this paint layers!

Nature loving natural paint!

Nature loving natural paint!





A barrier coat stops the first layer from rubbing back!

A barrier coat stops the first layer from rubbing back!

Nantucket Spray top coat!

Nantucket Spray top coat!









My Granddaughter loved this rocker… she came in the house and hopped up on it and said… “Grama, it is just my size”  Sooooo you guessed it…. I am keeping for her!

Happy little porch sitting rocker!

Happy little porch sitting rocker!

This was an easy paint job and the rocker is a beautiful transformation! Not to mention I used one sample pot for each color and had a little left over!

Next up is our Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper project!

Thank you for stopping by our blog and remember, If you have any questions about CeCe Caldwell’s paints… we are just a call away!

Are you ready to try CeCe Caldwell’s paints? You can order a starter kit today and be “Happy Painting” in a coupe days!

Not sure about what to do or how to get started? Why not join us for one of our “Paint Made Easy” workshops? You can check out our schedule here!

See you soon,
Happy Painting

KC Sig

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Pink Lady’s Slippers, Coral Snow & Baby Shoes!



We would like to take a minute and thank each and every one of  you for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for CeCe Caldwell’s Paints with you! Two years ago, we took the plunge into the “Chalk + Clay Paint” world by becoming the first retailer in the Northeast for CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paints…..  at that time, we did not do Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media… No web page or blog… would never have thought I would take a credit card payment via my cell phone or even have a PayPal account for anything other then buying junque on ebay!  But here we are 2 years later and doing all of these!    A quote from Humphrey Bogart comes to mind:

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

 We owe it all to you!  If YOU did not choose “The Vintage Dames” out of all the other CeCe retailers, and all the other paints in all the web world… we would not be here!   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

 ”I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

So what do we have to share with you tonight… Sunday evening, January 5, 2014? It is raining ice, roads are frozen & we are thawing by the fire. Just finished up some New Years Day sauerkraut with hotdogs and now…. they tell us there is a “POLAR VORTEX AIRMAS” coming on Tuesday… sounds like something out of another movie…. any guesses?

Our first shipment of CeCe’s new colors arrived on Thursday… So excited….we poured samples, painted sticks and then went picking in the basement for something to paint!

DSCN3848DSCN3853 DSCN3850

Kailua is pronounced “ky-lew-ah”, and it is named after the coral reef on the windward coast at Kailua Bay, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii!

The Pink Lady’s Slipper is the state flower of Minnesota… a rare wildflower…. fitting for our beautiful PINK don’t ya think?
Got to tell you… I am loving these two colors… they are beautiful for winter! Just wait till you see them in the snow!

What did we find to paint?  How about some baby shoes!


IMG_3191IMG_3192DSCN3861First coat of Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper on the shoes!  I think we will top it with a little Coral!

I told  you they are beautiful for winter!  I love this photo…. the snow, the Coral, the Pink…. beautiful!

IMG_3198IMG_3197 IMG_3196

I decided to do a little distressing! On the shoes I used CeCe’s Dark Aging Cream and then sealed with our Waxing Cream! Oh yea… a little Aging Dust too!

On the jewelry box, first a little wet distressing, then a little aging dust and sealed with CeCe’s Waxing Cream!

I really had fun with these little projects. Seems like I can never find the time to get big stuff painted… but I love to paint the small stuff…. CeCe’s Paints… not just for furniture…. paint the small stuff too!

Minnestoa Lady's slipper

Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper!

Thanks for stopping by!
We love your feedback, If you  like this or have any questions, please leave a comment below!

Until next time…
…and  hopefully not so long from now

Happy Re-Funking & Junquing

KC Sig

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How to apply CeCe Caldwells Waxing Cream – YouTube

We recently posted a great tutorial on using CeCe Caldwell’s Waxing Cream… We were not the big fans CeCe’s new wax that came out this summer…. had a lot of trouble with sticky finish…. well Lauren, CeCe’s Marketing Director, told us that we were using too much wax…. so to the internet and YouTube we went in search of everything we could find on using hard past waxes… you see, CeCe’s Clear Wax is soft like butter, and has a completely different application technique…. After hours of research, and a little practice… we came up with a technique for applying the waxing cream that works great for us… We are sharing with you in hopes that you two will fall in love with CeCe’s Waxing Cream as you develop your own technique!

Let us know what you think?

How to apply CeCe Caldwells Waxing Cream – YouTube.

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Jazzed up Vintage Electric Candelsticks (those ugly plastic ones)

We are back… working hard at keeping this blog current!

Last weekend was the “Holiday Open House” at Northgate Antiques. We had lots of fun painting and eating…. check it out…..

IMG_3100Lots Of Food And Holiday Cheer!

IMG_3102A few of the projects we painted on Saturday & Sunday!

IMG_3097 Yes those are vintage electric candle sticks…plastic… you can find these at just about any flea market or antique store.

The birdcage had been painted Emerald Isle a couple months ago… we had to wax it and then added a little aging crea with a touch of Gold… Eldorado Gold that is!




We started this beautiful desk… Sedona Red on the inside and for now Myrtle Beach on the outside… but we are planing on a top coat of Smoky Mountain with a tad of Simply White mixed in…







So you want to see those jazzed up candle sticks?
This is what they looked like before! (photo credit, pinterest)

image from etsy

We painted them with a base coat of color…
Spring Hill, Michigan Pine, Mesa & Smoky Mountain were used!


A little dry brushing of a second color here and there! Traverse City, Sedona Red!

IMG_3121Then I used a drill brush and burnished the paint to a beautiful shine!


For the finish… I added a touch of Silver and Gold with CeCe Caldwell’s brand new Eldorado Gold and Sierra Silver Metallic Waxes ….. I Really love the colors and how easy it was to Jazz up these old lights….. and oh what fun I had with Silver & Gold!

IMG_3143 IMG_3142 IMG_3125  IMG_3123 IMG_3122IMG_3140







By the way… there was no wax used on these candle sticks, except for the highlighting with metallic wax!  This paint will get a beautiful finish if  you burnish it down before waxing!

I hope I have inspired you to Jazz up some vintage finds… lights or what ever!  Re-purpose ….Salvage… save something with a little CeCe Caldwell’s today!

Linked up with Old to New Your Great Redoux!  Stop over and check out all the other great projects linked up with Karen!





Until next time…
…and  hopefully not so long from now

Happy Re-Funking & Junquing

KC Sig

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My Snowman Snow Globe Keepsake!

If you follow us on Pinterest, you know we have a “Bucket List of Crafty Projects” board… My inspiration for this snow globe came from Debi’s Design Diary.  I came across her Sandman in a Can video and thought “I can do that, but I want to make a snowman in a jar” and so began my Snowman Globe Keepsake project.

My daughter-in-law likes snowmen and I thought it would be great to make her a snowman snow globe. Her favorite color is purple and I found a vintage purple glass cookie jar at Northgate and knew it would be perfect for her keepsake globe. I headed to Michaels to get my supplies… $68 later I was ready to start!
PartsI covered styrofoam balls with white craft glue and then rolled them in snow… no not snow, Buffalo Snow that I found at Michaels!  To make my snowman, I used wood scweres and ran them through the snow covered balls. I cut the excess wood off and then glued the snowman onto the top of a milk jug lid. This way he would stand up.

snowman 1To make his hat, I cut up a paper bag and rolled it into a cone shape, then glued the ends togeather.  HatI used pipe cleaner for a rim and glitter to decorate the hat.



For my snowman’s face, I used the heads of vintage glass straight pins. I cut the ends off and then pushed them into the Styrofoam. For the nose, I had some colored toothpicks and thought the orange ones looked just like a carrot!











I glued the snowman & tree to the base of the jar, then I poured  snow in till I covered the bottom and some of the snowmans base!



Next I added some decorations… minitures I had in my collections and some that I picked up at Michaels.















I glued the lid on to keep everything inside the jar.  DSCN2360I had lots of snow left over as well as trees too, along with all kinds of embellishments. I plan to make a few more this year.

I made this one for my sister…
Snwoglobe3 snowglobe2I used a small bell for his hat and then a piece of fleese leftoover from another project for his scarf.

These are fun & easy to make! They are a great gift. I am going to use canning jars this year and make a few more

BTW, my daughter-in-law really liked her snow globe!

I hope you have enjoyed this little project and that I have inspired you to create something!








Until next time…
…and  hopefully not so long from now

Happy Crafting

KC Sig

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Sip & Paint at the Wine & Cheese Open House!

We have a few projects to share and a video on waxing cream that we will be posting in the coming days. Until then… thought it would be great to share what we have been doing to get ready for Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne’s “Wine & Cheese” open house!

A good friend stopped by our location in Lemoyne a couple weeks ago and made some suggestions. We listened and made some changes right away… then went looking for that perfect piece to display our paint in.  We found it at Bedford  Street Antiques in Carlisle!  We plan to paint it, but till then it will hold paint and be available for sale as well!  So enough said…. lets get on with the picture show!

You might remember this photo we shared in March…. This is where we started!

photo9We painted shelves and started setting things in place!

DSCN2652-2 DSCN2656-2This is what we ended up with!


Not bad…. but not GREAT!DSCN2688We moved things around a bit last month and changed our paint display…..

IMG_2764 IMG_2761 But we had big plans and this was just temporary!  Last week, we spent 4 days giving the booth a makeover… we had a real mess going for 2-3 days!


You can see our new paint display in the pic above… we love it! Very unique piece… a buffet that is a cross between Primitive and Empire!

IMG_2933 IMG_2934Looks pretty bad don’t ya think?


This is what we ended up with! We still have some work to do… but what a difference it has made already… lots of stuff that needs painting… and lots that have been painted….

IMG_2935 IMG_2939  IMG_2943 IMG_2942We would love for you to stop by and visit us this weekend! You can see for your self all the changes and new pieces we will be bringing in! Pick up your glass of wine and head right over to The Vintage Dames…we will be on the other side of the room from the wine and cheese… you can “Sip & Paint” with us!

We will be giving away a quart of paint to one lucky winner each day. Be sure and enter to win!
The Vintage Dames will be Sipping & Painting
November 9 & 10
11:30 am – 4:00 pm

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July, August, September… where did we go?

Hi y’all… if you have been around for a while… thanks for stopping by from time to time… even if we have been boring and unchanging…. If you are new, hang with us, we are working on being regular… but we are old, and you know us oldies have trouble with regularity… and that is a different blog.

First lets clarify something…. We are not really a we!  When trying to come up with a name for our booth at Antique Marketplace, I had hoped my sister would join me… we are Kay & Kay in Northgate and I thought a different name would be cool at AMP (Antique Marketplace).  We are older and love vintage stuff, cause we are older and grew up using that stuff when it was not vintage.  So since we are ladies and older, The Vintage Dames fit!  Well the sis did not join me at AMP, but I am ever so hopeful another old lady will join me… so the name sticks!  I am just one vintage lady, trying to sell junque, paint everything, and then turn all you diyers onto this great paint by selling it and teaching workshops…. I am the book-keeper (and they are seriously in a bad way), house-keeper  (I do get a little help there) re-purposer, shipping clerk, production force, I am the social media service as well as the blogger and web-page publisher…and the reason I don’t just work a full time job, Grand-baby sitter. I freelance for farmers, help with their database, represent them at sustainable events throughout the year & publish their newsletter. WAY TOO MANY FIRES! Oh yea I am the wife of a wonderful hubby who puts up with my hording and a plate that over flows!!!!  Now you know why it has been sooooooo long since updating this blog!

Ok now that I shared all my excuses… lets get down to the blog post!


This summer I took on a few custom paint jobs… one with no deadline… very bad idea…  the other projects were for a family who moved to Pittsburgh.  So I  had 10 days to get a ceder chest, bucket bench and shelf painted.


First up was a cedar blanket chest. I painted it with CeCe’s retired Cottonwood Sienna and topped it with Young Kansas Wheat.  I used CeCe’s Waxing Cream and loved the finish… I really was pleased with the outcome. For the metal straps, I used Martha Stewart’s metallic paint…. and hubby suggested mixing white with it to give it a softer look and not so stark… did I tell you all… he sells paint too! Car paint… so paint runs in the family.  After mixing white with the metallic paint, I covered the straps… then using a little glaze aged them.

DSCN3399First coat of paint, waiting for it to dry!


IMG_2632Next I added Young Kansas Wheat, and distressed a little in the area that showed her age!

At this point I did not like the look of the gray mettal straps… so I played around with some metallic paint and used a pair of vintage  bronze baby shoes for inspiration!













Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery below!

I really enjoyed this transformation… and my customer loved it. The cedar chest belonged to his mother and had seen some better days. Using CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and finishes, I was able to maintain the integrity of her age but give her a new dress. It still has a vintage look that will bring light into any room!

Let me know what you think?  Next I will share the beauty that is now our background!

See ya soon,

Happy Painting

KC Sig

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Tres Longue Duree — A very long life!

I keep trying to get this blog updated… and Facebook keeps pulling me away….  “Hi my name is Kathy and I am a Facebook addict”….

Hold the horses!  I am not addicted to facebook, no really I am not, it is just all the pretty pictures and great ideas…. and I love to share them, besides…. no one comments here and I am not so sure too many people are reading this dribble that flows from my head to my fingers…. But I do love to tell the story!

So hear goes,

“Once upon a time….  There was a beautiful portmanteau that had survived two ocean voyages and more train and bus trips than she could ever calculate and sadly she was beginning to show her age…..”

At this point, I had already painted the leather bands around the ends. I used CeCe Caldwell’s Portland Rose…. it is a soft peachy pink and oh so beautiful!

 After painting the portmanteau with one coat of Portland Rose I let it dry completely and then added a second coat.

You can really see the difference a second coat of paint makes!  I am really loving this and the look I am getting!

Next I painted the leather bands with Virginia Chestnut and then dry brushed Portland Rose over the Virginia Chestnut for that aged leather look!

I also painted the hardware with Virginia Chestnut.  Next comes the fun part!  I chose one of my new French stencils or should I say this French stencil chose the the portmanteau.  At the time I had no idea what this stencil was saying,  I liked the size and it was perfect fit for my portmanteau.

I did not take pictures of this step, but this is what I did… using painters blue tape (that I borrowed from the hubbies paint store) and after deciding the perfect position for the stencil, measuring a little, I taped it down. Using my stencil brush  and Virginia Chestnut I dabbed paint all over the stencil… well actually just where the letters were cut out.

Can you say LOVE!!!  Now I know this looks perfect…. but if you get up close, you will see that it is not…. and I did have some bleed after I removed the stencil… I just repainted those letters with the Portland Rose and then stenciled them again…. Don’t be afraid of stencils, they are really easy and fun!

The next step was to apply a sealing coat. I chose to use CeCe Caldwell’s new Waxing Cream.  This was the first time I had used  our Waxing Cream. It gives you a harder finish then our Clear Wax and a great hand rubbed shine. Also, you use very, very little…. watch for a waxing video from moi in the near future!   My first wax love is CeCe’s Clear Wax, but I have to tell you… I am really loving this Waxing Cream!  There is virtually no dry time. You come back and wipe off excess, if there is any and you are buffing before you know it, the finish changes before you eyes!  AMAZING!

See what I mean!!!  I LOVE IT!

Laine Et Coton Tisse
Doux au Toucher
Tres Longue Duree
Bon pour repriser et coudre
(whats this mean?)

Earlier I told you the stencil picked the portmanteau… I had no idea what the stencil meant when I used it, so I looked it up on http://translate.reference.com/translate and this is what it means….

Wool and Cotton Weave
soft with the touch
very long life
good to darn and sew

Perfect for a portmanteau that has had a “very long life” transporting from city to city, country to country fine “Wool and Cotton Weave” for many a her sojourn friends!

May my “Chocolate Rose” have many a added years to her “Very Long Life” as she journeys near and far!

Until next time…
…and  hopefully not so long from now

Happy Painting


Linking up with
Old to New Your Great Redoux

Feathered Nest Friday

Be Inspired Friday

I have been asked by several “where did you get your stencil”
answer:   I purchased the stencil from Maison De Stencils
Laine Et Coton Tisse 12×18 Stencil


Have Fun!


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The Keys to Remember!

Time to get back to sharing…
I am in a “depressed state” today… should be heading on vacation, but due to circumstances out of my control… I am still at home… crying a little and sometimes a lot… things just don’t always work out they way we plan, God must have something else in mind!

Sadly, I found out on Friday that a very dear friend passed away last week.  I have known Russ as long as I have been selling junque at Northgate Antiques and in the last couple years had the privilage of a growing friendship. I must tell you, I love him… agape love, dear friend love, brotherly love! He was kind, generous and full of joy, he would do anything for you.  So this post is to be dedicated in his memory…

Russ Hoffman

I don’t remember where I saw this idea, but they used drift wood and did not paint it, but I loved it and it got me thinking……

Years ago, after my mom died, her husband wanted to get rid of stuff, so he brought it to my yard sale.  There were several old chairs that mom had in her basement. Well they did not sell, and like those who drop off stuff for a yard sale at ones house… he never picked them up… Aafter some time they were relegated to the outside patio… where they weathered very nicely and fell apart.  I started salvaging them last year, knowing I would come up with something to do with the pieces.

Last year when my brother passed away on July 18th at the very young age of 48, I helped clean out his house… well you can imagine, the worst thing for an avid “Sentimental Junque” collector to do is clean out her brothers house, especially when he was also an avid “Junque” collector… (family members and friends call us horders)  I could not throw out anything… the clothespins on his clothes line, the spent paint paddles and paint brushes that were all dried out… old rusty pieces of metal things and anything wood… all this I salvaged to my hubbies dismay… You can not move in my sheds, nor can I possible squeeze anything else in them… that brings me to my yard sale finds yesterday… where am I going to go with them?….  Back to my story… One of my treasures I salvaged was this pile of keys, I did not know at that time what I would do, maybe a wind-chime?

I started by playing with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paints and some dry brushing techniques… blending colors, with paint and water. I love the various effects and will be painting more of them… quick and easy projects.

Next I picked out a couple keys to bend into hooks.  I put a key in a vice and then used a ring mandrel to bend, but any metal tube would work, and with a leather mallet bent the key to form a hook.











I filed down the rough edges with metal file.

Next step was to put hangers on the back. I saw this idea on pinterest and being the salvaging person I am, loved it. Keep those tabs from soda cans or any can for picture hangers and such.

I use an awl to put a small hole in the tab, then us a small nail tack and attach then to back of the board. One on each side so the holder will be stationary on the wall. I sealed the back of the boards so they would not stain the wall.

Now it is time to drill the holes for attaching my key hooks.  I measured and spaced out my keys, then made a jig so that I could save time on the rest.

After marking the painted side, I used hubbies drill and pre-drilled the holes…

Time to attach the keys… I used brass screws because that is what I found first in the hubbies supplies.  :)

Now to make one for a wedding gift for my niece! I got to thinking what a great gift…. I know it is not fancy, but it will have sentimental meaning… a little piece of her nanny and uncle to keep close to her heart.  (yes I am hopelessly romantic)

This was the note I included with Nina & Tyler’s gift.

I did not have any idea what to get you, so I made you something.   At first glance it is just a piece of painted wood with keys, nice for jewelry, keys or anything to hang…. but there is more to it!

The wood is from an old chair that was your nannies… so it is from her and a little of her was with you today! The keys belonged to your uncle Kevin, I know he would have loved to see this day… So when you hang your keys or favorite necklace on this old piece of wood

Remember your family & how much we played a role in your young life!  Oh yea, I painted and put ti together!
Blessings to you both, love Kathy

I started this post with a little depression, feeling sorry for me and missing my so desperately needed beach time……

however, because I am home this week, I will be going to my dear friend, Russ’s memorial service this Friday… remember what I said at the beginning of the post… “God must have something else in mind!”

So for now, my beach time will be through photos shared by you, on Pinterest, Facebook and throughout the internet…. and my previous vacations recorded through my camera’s eye!

See ya soon,
Happy Painting




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Redoux & the Friday Link Up Party

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