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Rough Linen Cedar Chest

Rough Linen... So it has been a couple months... We have lots to share! First of all, I would like to let you know about some changes that have been going on.  In August we took a booth in Black Rose Antique & Collectables in the Chambersburg Mall.  We are fully stocked with American...

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Painted Furniture, the American Way

Painted furniture, the American Way!  Yes I am an American and I paint furniture! Large pieces, small pieces and even mini pieces. I also enjoy painting metal, glass, plastic, vinyl and material!  There are many products one can use to paint these many different surfaces, however I have found one...

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So the Seventies are Haunting you?

Hi ya friends....  I grew up in the seventies and remember them well! Bell bottoms, hiphuggers and platform shoes were the style we all wore and in everyone's house somewhere three was that beautiful Shag Carpet!  It came in many colors two of which I remember, Green and Orange.  Not sure if...

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