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Paint & Beach Party on Carova Beach!

We are so excited to share our latest road trip with you, a Paint & Beach party in the Outer Banks!  We were invited to Sands of Time on Carova Beach by our friend Debi to help her paint her Adirondack Chairs before the 2016 season starts.  We left PA on May 6th at 7:30 in the morning and reached the 4×4 driving beach around 5:15 pm, 2 hours before high tide. This was a good thing since May 6th was a King Tide, the highest tide of the season.

beach driving

This was my first time on a 4×4 beach so I had no idea what was normal and what was not. Debi did a great job of navigating the soft sand, the water and the stumps that remain from the logging of the island in the late 1800’s.  I really enjoyed the 9 mile drive up the beach. Around 6:00 pm we crossed over the dune to Debi’s house. Quickly we unpacked our luggage, food and the paint and then hit the beach before the sun went down.

Beach View

Rise and shine on Friday morning… up at 5:45 am,
showered and on the beach by sunrise!

Sunrise on Friday

We headed north towards Virginia beach… yes you read that right… we walked up to Virginia Beach, 2 miles, crossed the fence line and then came back.  The fence is there to keep the horses on Carova NC. They are protected and beautiful!

Virginia Fence

After breakfast we got to work painting. Debi had ambitious plans for all of us… there were 2 double chairs, 5 single chairs, 2 benches, 3 tables and a chase lounge!

Sands Projects

One double chair had a dark hunter green base (not pictured). Lori dry brushed Santa Fe Turquoise over it. The chair painted the coral color matches the front door of the house… I added a coat of APC’s Coral Reef to it and then rubbed back to reveal the deeper coral base coat. I painted the white chippy chair with APC’s Parchment, Lori painted the blue and white one with APC’s Tea Cup and Debi painted one of the chairs with Santa Fe Turquoise.  That was enough for the first day!  We had salmon for dinner and then a walk on the beach and watched the sunset!

 a double seater

the three amigos

Saturday morning was chilly… I skipped the early sunrise walk on the beach… got up made some coffee and breakfast, then put a pot roast in the crock-pot.  We started painting again. Lori painted a mermaid on the parchment chair, did I mention what a great artist she is? I worked on a chair that needed a good scraping and then added 2 coats of coral while Debi worked on the end tables.

The mermaind in parchment

This is a good time to share a tip with you. The chair I had to scrape had open grain wood! So the first coat of paint I put on was watered down a good bit. The open grain wood will act like a sponge and soak up your paint. The chalk & clay in our paints will act as a barrier coat when dry for the second coat. If you do this you should be able to paint 4 chairs the size of ours with one quart of paint and still have some left over.

Open grain wood tip

The wind continued to build on Saturday and the temps dropped in the early afternoon. We took some small projects inside and Lori added her artistic talent to another chair! Did I mention she is talented?

the ocean dish

We were heading home on Sunday… but since we did not get all the projects finished, we stayed an extra day.  It was 38° on Sunday morning and needless to say… I was not walking on the beach. After breakfast, I put on my leg warmers, layered sweatshirt, quilted vest and gloves and headed outside for the double lounge chair. We decided to paint it with a base of APC’s Wedgwood and then dry brush APC’s Treasure Box, a soft mint green over top. I took several breaks to thaw out… who would have thunk it would be so cold! Finished the double chair… time for lunch!

Baby its cold outside

Baby its cold outside!


APC’s Wedgwood & Treasure Box

To tie in the chase lounge with the double chair and other chairs… we decided to use Treasure Box for the trim and every other seat board. The other board were painted with Turquoise.

chaising your dreams away

Some of the chairs were coated with APC’s Hard Coat before we left. Debi is going to give all of them a coat when she goes back in a week or two. We also sealed all the ones Lori added art to with Hard Coat.

life below the sea

I believe these chairs will hold their color for a couple years.  I know the paint will not peal or need to be scrapped off like latex paint so that is a plus… also the paint saturates the wood, it does not lay on top.  Then there is the clay and porcelain clay in the paint. In the heat of the sun it will bake on!  I can’t wait to see pictures at the end of the season.

college photos

Monday morning was beautiful!!! I took a long leisurely walk on the beach and found a lot of shells, mostly broken Whelks, but that was what I asked for during my chat with God… I have a plan for them and all the clam and scallops that I picked up. Here is a sneak peak at what I am working on.


Fun shell art…shells painted with Chalk & Clay paints… American Paint Co. and DIY Paints!

It was a great weekend, with lots of beach time, lots of painting and good conversations, with a few good movies, beautiful sunsets and sunrises to boot!


enjoying the warm sunshine

Until next time!

Happy Painting